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Founded in Sep 2017, Green Curation is where you will find a perfect confluence of art and nature. The story of Green Curation began when Purnima Tiwari visited her father in Law G.C Tiwari in Khopoli, Maharashtra, where she got a chance to visit the power plant that was set up and commenced by him. The power plant was unlike any other power plant- serene, green and pleasant alongside the heavy machinery. It just struck what difference plants make to our surroundings. That is when both pondered over the idea of how we can have make indoor plants bring positivity in peoples’ lives. And that is when the idea of Green Curation was born.

With our cities stifling with pollution and most part of our lives being spent indoors, plants come to our rescue. Thank God for we have plants, they help purify air, reduce anxiety, uplift our mood, makes our creative juices flow. They are the need of the hour. Plants not only beautify our surroundings but also make up for wonderful gifts for all occasions.

Our endeavor is to push our creativity to new levels to present plants that will delight our customers.

We at Green Curation also want to do our best in spreading environmental awareness to revive our cities.



Girish Chandra Tiwari

He is an electronic engineer by profession and a plant enthusiast. During his free time he used to read about plants and applied it in cultivating and caring for his plants, and now he has taken his passion to a full-fledged profession. He has 30+ experience in starting green field projects in the power sector.

Purnima Tiwari

Purnima Tiwari

She is a mother of 2 beautiful children.  She has been a retail merchandise planner and buyer in the Fashion sector. She has degree in Fashion Merchandising and an MBA. She has an eye for design, and Green Curation is where she wants to channelize her creativity.

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